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C.B. Perkins Tobacconist

If you enjoy tobacco, chances are you like using it in many ways. You can find a lot of peace in the occasional pipe, cigar, cigarette or even roll-your-own, and we've got everything you need to make it happen. Our accessories selection is not only extensive but unique as well. All of them, however, are designed to help you make your experience with tobacco complete and satisfying.

Make your tobacco experience complete

From just the right pipe or cigar cutter, to the perfect ashtray or desktop humidor, we've got all the accessories you need.

From exotic cigar cutters, humidors and ashtrays, to flasks, pipes and specialty lighters, we stock it all. Make a relaxing tobacco experience complete with the right extras. It makes a difference.


Relax with all of the right accessories

A visit to C.B. Perkins Tobacconist is like a vacation. We're family owned and run, and we're all experienced with everything we carry. We can discuss the benefits of one brand over another or the subtleties of many different tobacco flavors. We can explain how to best use the many accessories we carry, and recommend a pipe from our broad selection.

We're exquisitely experienced, and we're here to help you

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